Cracking the Code to Online Marketing

So, people are a lot like fish. I’m not calling you a mer-butler or a mer-maid, but what I mean is that where there is one, there are many. 

At the risk of sounding pretentious, I’m going to suggest that when you finish this book, come back and reread that silly sentence above. Because chances are that reading it once, with no context wasn’t enough for it to “click” just how important that sentence is.

When we had “cracked the code” for Striped Bass, meaning we knew where they were, had the right bait, and right equipment, then fishing was easy.

And the same thing goes for your target clients. The easy way of landing clients is to “crack the code” for your message, channel, and offer. 

When you know where they are, you have the right message to get them interested, and you have an offer that’s strong enough to land them, then they become easy to catch.

If any part of the “code” is missing, then it becomes insanely difficult. Right now, if you’re struggling to get clients it’s because you’re missing one, two, or three pieces of the code.

Here’s what I mean

The Hook Is Wrong/Missing – Imagine sitting on a school of fish, you cast your line, but the bait is wrong. None of the fish are interested and they don’t bite. The same thing goes for your “message”. If you’re struggling to start conversations with prospects, then that’s a sign that the “message” is not properly aligned.

The Location is Wrong – Imagine having the right bait to catch Striped Bass, but instead of fishing where the Stripers are, you’re fishing where the Sea Robins lurk. If you have the right bait, but you’re not fishing in the right location then you’re not going to catch what you want.

In marketing terms, this refers to the communication channel. Are you using the right communication channel to reach your target customers?

Most Common Channels

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Text
  • Voicemail
  • Cold Calling
  • Cold Visits
  • Direct Mail
  • Paid Ads
  • SEO

If you’re out there fishing for clients but you’re not catching the right clients, then it’s because you’re either fishing in the wrong spot or you don’t even know who the “right clients” are.

You’re Missing the Right Equipment – Bluefish have sharp teeth that can cut through ordinary lines. If you go fishing for Bluefish with equipment meant to catch Striped Bass, you’ll hook the Bluefish (assuming the right bait and at the right location) but they’ll use their sharp teeth to cut the line before you’re able to land them.

If you’re able to start conversations with leads, but you don’t have an offer that’s compelling enough to reel them in, then you’ll be stuck in a cycle of hooking clients but never closing them.

With the worst case scenario out of the way, I want to reiterate, people are a lot like fish – where there is one, there are many. Meaning, if you go after a market with the right bait, using the right channel, and with the right offer, then acquiring clients will be easy.

So right now, the homework is pretty simple. I’m not asking you to get started on this yet, but I am asking you to make a decision. This decision is that you’re going to commit to figuring out the 4 things below:

But just before those 4 things, let’s talk about the word decision because 99% of people have no clue what it means to make a decision. 

In latin, “De” means to remove. “Cision” means to cut. When you make a real “De”-”Cision”, it means that you’re cutting out all other possibilities so that there’s only one way to move forward. 

In all honesty, this small booklet alone is enough for you to succeed. You don’t need a $2,000 course to “crack the code”. But what you do need is to make a “de” “cision” that you’re going to commit to figuring this out.

Instead of chasing the next shiny object or guru, take responsibility. Commit to cracking the code for your business:

  1. Identify the type of fish you want to land.
  2. Find the right bait (message) to get them interested.
  3. Find the location where they hang out (the right channel to communicate).
  4. Craft an offer that’s compelling enough to land them. 

Think about it – This means that whenever you need to land clients, you just go fishing. You now know where to fish, what bait to use, and you know what tools to use for the job. This is marketing and sales made easy. Once you crack the code, you can scale and acquire clients as often as you want, especially if you have the right tools like GoHighlevel.


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